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Plantae No. 4


  • 8x6 cm
  • 18x12 cm - £15.00
  • 50x40 cm - £25.00
  • 50x70 cm - £40.00

Botanical fine art photographic print, printed on art paper with a lustre finish.


We understand love, you're busy.

You have work, then you're getting a cut and colour, then you said you'd go to that new Italian your friend suggested two weeks ago you'd go to for lunch, and then you'd pinky promised (you do that? to your best gal pal that you'd be there for her house-warming drinks, before waking yourself up at ridiculous-o'clock for yoga and meditation practice. All before participating in the delightful-joy-dance collective called commuting, again tomorrow.

And while it's fun to be out and about.... You know what else is fun? Sleep. And to slow down, take some time for yourself. Not that we're in the business of telling you how to live you're life or anything. Only, that it's good to relax once in a while, perhaps look towards this print and think how lucky you are. To be alive I mean. Being alive is great.

And once you're ready to leave your nest that's full of throw cushions, comfy shoes, and love recognise all the good in the world and cherish the small joys.

We want to guarantee new-found-love for the presence of everyday details. However hard we work, we can't guarantee chocolates and roses (we're totally gender neutral here so that doesn't have to be your husband's duty. But next time he pops out to shops that would be nice, right?) we can offer art that holds sentimental joy for you and your family.


This print is unframed and posters are packaged in strong cardboard tubes.


Shipping (worldwide) costs are on us. Huh? We're telling everyone? No, just you. You're special.


Base price for 8x6 cm print is shown at the top of this page. Plantae is the Latin name given to plants and is part of the Botanical series.

Oh! And one last thing. Please allow 7-14 business days for printing and delivery. ( our mantra is more haste less speed although we do aim to dispatch your prints as quickly as humanly possible. we're suckers for that smile, you see. )


VOILA!! You're print now processes magical powers.