Terms & Conditions

Find out below how to pay for your purchase(s) and what happens when we receive your payment information and/or if you are required to pay for customs and what that entails.


Shopping with us is easy peasy lemon squeezy, (OK. Without the lemon part and without the squeezy part). But the buying part truly remains easy peasy pleasy.   We accept VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, American Express, SOFORT, Discover Card, Apple Pay.


To make your purchase(s) with us kindhearted lot at A PART OF YOU ME first, we require you to do two key steps for us, one is your personal information and the the second being your payment information.   Once this has been done, congratulations.   You’re order has now been placed.   You will receive an auto-generated order email (fancy phrase for your confirmation email) stating what you’ve ordered. Then when we’ve checked your chosen item(s) are in stock and ready waiting for you, we’ll send you a further email confirming the shipment.

Customs Duties & Taxes

Customs duty is generally based on the item value and weight which will be calculated at the checkout for you.   If you order from a country that is of EU membership no customs duty will be applied to your order as it stands, following rules of free movement of goods. If the country you are ordering from is outwith the EU, local taxes and duties may be added to the price of your existing order with us.   Sadly custom charges are subject to change something which we can’t account for.   Please factor in careful timing when considering orders that are retained by customs as items may be held and the additional costs are payable by you, please contact your relevant carrier.

Privacy Policy

We don't share personal information or payment information to third parties.   The only time your payment details are required is when you place an order.   Rest assured we will never keep your payment information, like credit card numbers or paypal account details. We require your Name, Address and Email address only so that your order is made and we can complete transactions and delivery with ease.   If using PayPal to purchase items please see their Privacy Policy with regards to your data.   We will never sell your information onto third parties and all data is treated with care and in accordance with all current privacy regulations.


Payment system communication is made through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL)* meaning that only PayPal have access to your data and unauthorised parties will in no way have access to your personal payment data.   Data which is only required in connection when you make your order.

*An SSL is an encrypted secure link in which data between web server and your browser are kept private and secure.

(WOOHOO). Your reward for reading thus far? 10 gold stars! I hope this has cleared up a few things for you.   Still haven't found what you're looking for?** Well, sadly we can't commit nor guarantee Bono will answer questions.   However, we champion the underdog here so any queries not covered  just email us and we'll happily get back to you within 24 hours.   It's that easy.   And the thing is, we're open pretty much 24/7 anyway.

**Yeah.   I'm embarrassed for myself too.   Tenuous joke.