Who we are.

Hello love, thanks for being here.  Is that the kettle I can hear in the background?  What tea did you pick?  Lemon and ginger?  (High five!  That’s my favourite too).   Sat on the sofa with your favourite throw wrapped around you? Comfy clothes on yet?  (Heck. I knew you were good but you've got this relaxation thing down to a tee)  sip on your zesty infusion, hit the snooze button on your errands and lets get to know each other.  (mood lighting as always, optional)

My name’s Christina Clark and my company A PART OF YOU ME was born in early Spring on the East Coast of Scotland.   In an effort to narrate my world, photo-documenting is an organic way to make sense of and further emotionally connect,  (which can seem inconvenient or utterly overlooked in society these days)   in the hope to encourage communication beyond the surface, developing a sturdy magnetic pull towards unity.   For me, art is a life force, a creative reminder to seek truth in an increasingly unconscious environment and to let beauty breathe both with and without complex detail.   A way to cultivate oneness, happiness in memory, analyse, evolve, gain strength and to medicate self-healing.

My practice advocates a sensitive analysis concerning both human-kind and nature.   Through methodical observation between the continuous relationship between environment and their aesthetics, this approach welcomes and allows for heart centered accessibility to our temporary structure therefore embodying greater affinity.    

Now that introductions are out of the way.  Have a look around,  get a feel for the place, and I'll see you soon, baby boo.